Create your own ceramic product at Clay Campus

Clay Campus offers the conditions for small-scale contract manufacturing and development of manufacturing technology for unique products. It is an inspiring place in Hungary to hold workshops and courses, with full marketing and administrative services for program leaders.

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What we offer

Contract Manufacturing and Workshop Space

  • Individual ceramic design: creative space for designing art objects (studio, certain equipment).
  • Design and contract manufacturing of custom ceramic elements.
  • Ceramic workshop: processing, firing and glazing of ceramics.

About Clay Campus

Creative Community Space for Ceramics Artists

Clay Campus aims to provide creative spirits with a unique place to create, run workshops and learn from each other. In addition to ceramic art sessions, participants can enjoy other activities such as yoga or music therapy, or explore the unique wonders of the region, such as the Felsőpetény clay mine museum. This is how the Clay Campus experience is brought to life.

The location is perfect for creative ceramic activities. We have ample space, lots of natural light, access to outdoor areas for firing kilns and other ceramic tools, adequate ventilation and electrical outlets for artists to use. Our beautiful Hungarian landscape provides the perfect backdrop for your creativity!

In addition to full catering and venue services, we will also provide full marketing and administrative services to assist the participating program leaders.

How it works

We handle the planning, you enjoy the benefits

If you would like to rent a space to create your own ceramics or participate as a program leader, all you need to do is register and we will contact you with the details and give you a virtual tour. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the space, you can choose the package that best suits you and your studio’s needs. As a final step, book your space and we’ll take care of everything else, from catering to full marketing services.

The Venue

Discover the natural wonders of Hungary

Clay Campus is located in Felsőpetény, a small village between the mountains of Northern Hungary

  • 9 rooms and an office, a small kitchen and a dining room
  • Kitchen with locally produced products, vegetarian or vegan on request
  • Each bedroom has its own bathroom.
  • 350 sqm fully equipped workshop space.
  • Creation hall for the final production stage of ceramics.
  • Open-air mining area, but there is also a mine workings several kilometres deep (now closed), which can be visited, adding to the tourist attraction
  • Most of the energy is supplied by photovoltaic sources
  • The building has a mixed fuel heating system but no deforestation.

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Get creative

Take advantage of the wonderful Clay Campus landscape and facilities to create beautiful ceramics.

Participate in programs

Take part in the many programs offered at Clay Campus to meet other artists and improve your skills.

Address: HU-2611 Felsőpetény, Bányatelep 1 
GPS: 47°53’35.12″É 19°12’47.96″K 

Phone: +36 35 360 220 

E-mail: kereskedes@agyag-asvany.hu 

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